ARCH + ARTS: competition / research: MATTER ON LINES. MARBLE

CONTENT / What it is relevant on Architecture and Art, talking about objects is the matter. Matter as a physical substance that create atmospheres, relations and light.

The proposal for the workshop is to create matter with lines. MARBLE IS A HARD ROCK THAT HAS A PATTERN OF LINES GOING THROUGH IT THAT CAN BE POLISHED TO BECOME SMOOTH AND SHINY. Using the definition of Marble, we are going to create matter with a pattern of lines that could be smooth and shiny.


AIMS / To understand the presence of the matter in our projects.

To relate drawings, physical models and video as a way to produce an architectonical_artistic project.


METHOD / The students will use the drawing to create matter. We will draw lines and model them to create a space as a matter.

Finding opportunities of Multimedia Dawing_Model_Video relationships to start with a project.


Part 1: Draw. Individual Work.

Select a piece of marble and draw the lines that constitute the matter of the stone.

BIBLIOGRAPHY / “Power of ten”. Charles and Ray Eames:


Part 2: Model. Group Work.

Transform the lines into a three_dimensional object.

BIBLIOGRAPHY / “Cloud Cities and Solar balloon travel”. Tomas Sarraceno:


Part 3: Video. Group Work.

Find a Program that matches with the matter of our project.

BIBLIOGRAPHY / Silk Pavilion – Mediated Matter Group, Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology:


SCHEDULE / Easter Workshop:


29 -31 March

EASTER 1-12 April

13-16 April


EVALUATION / Jury: UOU professors. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize.


Alicante University (SPAIN) / Joaquín Alvado Bañón (

+ Javier Sánchez Merina (