ARTS: small scale and isolated occurrences – on art and the precarious


In this workshop we will pay attention to the margins of our visibility: the precarious, ephemeral, fragile, unstable. Based on the radicality of contemporary artistic practices, participants will be invited to reflect on their daily lives. Each participant will be proposed to use video as a privileged tool to document ephemeral actions, small occurrences and / or precarious situations that reconfigure their relationship or perception of the reality in which we live. It is proposed to introduce a certain form of slowness into the gaze, because what is intended is not just an observation but a stopped view. It is a repair: seeing it a second time and giving new opportunities not only to the object but to the visibility itself. As if the number of half-glances and overflows that we dedicate to things is harmful to this ethics that remains in expectation in the encounter with each look.

At the end, all videos will be compiled into a single video mosaic that will show all the small occurrences, poetic micro-actions that the participants performed simultaneously and in a loop. This video object resulting from a collective artistic process will later be hosted on the UOU website.





Session 1


  1. a) Framework of the workshop, objectives and working plan.
  2. b) Presentation and setting of the work proposal.


Session 2

Expository presentation of the working proposal where the supervisors will analyse some contemporary artistic projects that can inform the students’ projects.


Session 3

Forum to discuss projects and debate ideas. Monitoring of work.


Session 4

Presentation of the individual projects. Viewing of the videos.



Faculty of Fine Arts of The University of Porto (PORTUGAL)


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Samuel J M Silva (