ARCH: working with the existent and the non-existent

CONTENT / Everyone has a favourite architect and artist and we would like to live two days and at least a night in one of the designed dwellings in an urban context by her or him. In this case we can understand the spaces of the house in the phenomenological way and know how it was more important for the architect, which were their concepts. It has to be part of the city because we will try to discover its way of integration.

In this pandemic period, we notice the openness of the architecture publications, magazines and even the famous architect’s will to share the precious information. In this way, we invite you to explore your most wanted building through, first of all, the plans and sections, second of all, the conceptual 3D model and, third of all, the short interview with the architect and someone from their office.

All of them create an imaginary atmosphere about that building and play with new spaces which you will add on the conceptual 3D model. You will design your house based on your needs, but related to the initial concept. So, we provoke you to re-design the former.

This year we have organized a 2-week workshop living in our favourite architect’s building.

It is also an experience to study the landscape of the windows of this house, because we will find many photos that have captured the exterior context and the way of entering the light in a room. Through these images the look is home to show the architect’s intentions.

We discover a fascinating world of the house only in two-week discussions and your serious analysis.


AIMS / To identify a dwelling as a desire. To work with the found documents, imagination and your needs. To describe a city with your chosen house in collaboration with your favourite architect or office of architecture. To find opportunities in your desires to start with a project. To introduce oneself to the class.


METHOD / The student’s life and interests as building concept and way of insertion in a context. To introduce our personal skills to re-design a building. Live imaginarily to a new space, which you desire to know.

1st day: Introduce yourself presenting a 3min video with the values of your interests of an architect.

2nd day: Group work according to your common interests. Connect around the main architect’s ideas from his or her period of design. Here we will meet with persons who appreciate the same architect, but not the same ideas, details.

3rd day: Final crit. Design your Zoom setting.


SCHEDULE / 2-Week Workshop. Weekly 4-hour class arranged with the students:


Introduction / 30 th April, 2021.

Development / 3-7th May, 2021.

Final Critics / 10-14 th May, 2021.




Bibliography / The collection of El Croquis magazines.

                            The collection of Domus magazines.

                            The collection of OASE magazines.

                            The collection of SAN ROCCO magazines.

                            The collection of sITA – studies in History and Theory of Architecture publications.


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