ARCH: inside outside – contaminating architecture and landscape

CONTENT / Today, architecture, public spaces, gardens and landscapes are experiencing moments of contamination like never before seen in the history of these disciplines. Probably, during the Renaissance and soon after, major projects such as Versailles brought together the disciplines of architecture and landscape, creating physical connections and visual relationships between garden spaces and the monumentality of architecture. 

Today, at a time of democratization of public spaces in the city that is taking place through new and important projects, they need to strategically review the design of the soil, triggering processes of greater contamination between the closed space of architecture and the open space of gardens, landscape, parks, and public space.


AIMS / The workshop aims to investigate the relationship between inside and outside by imagining the disappearance of closed and open space, generating interconnected and fluid spaces.


METHOD / Students are asked to choose a place, either real or imagined, and propose spaces of relationship between architecture and landscape. Sections, diagrams, maps or any other media they consider useful to redesign of the ground of cities.  


1st day: brief introduction of inside outside by professor; Presentation of the spaces chosen by the students.


2nd day: Group work.


3rd day: Final critic.


SCHEDULE / 2-Week Workshop. Weekly 4-hour class arranged with the students:


Introduction / TBA.

Development / TBA.

Final Crit / TBA.


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Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria (Italy) / Valerio Morabito (