ARCH: elements of architecture for the confinement

CONTENT / The COVID-19 crisis has obliged us to rethink the evolution of our models of architecture, our squares and streets, our homes and other typologies of buildings. Our entire cities are being judged due to new relationships within society. Under these novel circumstances we have listened to more experts from different disciplines to give their opinions about […]

ARCH: cognitive mapping

CONTENT / The process of mapping extends and enriches our interaction with the specific conditions of site, therefore it allows the reader to understand and experience the unique characteristics of a specific place. In his article “The Agency of Mapping, Speculation, Critique & Invention”, James Cornertalks of the map as having the power to ‘Reformulate what already […]

ARCH: architecture as the art of building communities

CONTENT / In 1982 the English-Swedish architect Ralph Erskine, opened his lecture reflecting on the definition of Architecture as the Art of Building Communities. Thirty-four years later the Urban age Conference held in 2016 in Venice opened up a series of reflections inviting experts from all over the globe, sharing ideas on the future of our cities. What […]

ARCH: architecture & food – an international buffet

CONTENT / Architecture, open and expansive in nature, has explored unlikely interactions and projected hybrids with unpredictable results. Danish architect Bjarke Ingels has defined it as bigamy; Take multiple elements that apparently don’t fit together and merge them to create a new creation or genre. This is a positioning that will allow us to get out of the […]